We use NO Salt systems Better for your health and our environment.
We will show you NSF standards and what 3rd party tests that show what is removed from your water.
We will educate you about living water and how to avoid the dead water sidriom. We give you Free Trial systems to use before you buy.
All of this with a 90 day no question asked Money Back Guarantee 


Choosing a Drinking Water Treatment System

 When choosing a drinking water treatment system, be sure to check the system for certification. Multi-Pure Drinking Water Systems provide the most efficient contaminant removal possible and is certified by NSF.

NSF is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, and the world leader in standards development, product certification, education, and risk-management for public health and safety. NSF is widely recognized for its scientific and technical expertise in the health and environmental sciences. Its staff includes engineers, chemists, toxicologists, microbiologists, and environmental professionals with extensive experience in all aspects of public health and private organizations.

The product should provide a statement that lists exactly which contaminants the filter is certified to reduce under which NSF/ANSI Standard (Standard 42: Aesthetic Effects or “taste and odor,” and Standard 53: Health Effects, like Cryptosporidium, lead, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), and disinfection by-products).

Make sure the drinking water system and filter is Certified by checking product information provided or checking NSF's listings. When comparing Multi-Pure's technologically advanced filtration capabilities with other filters, you will find that the performance of the Multi-Pure System is superior.

Top Ten Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Water Treatment System